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Welcome, To The Orion Gaming Community Discord server!
- 100+ Members!
- Well moderated
- Self Assigned Roles For Specific Server Updates And Easy Access!
[We Call Him RoleBot]
- Active, regular members!
- Upgradeable Chat and Beta Access Ranks!
- Monthly Community Events [There Are Prizes, Trust Me]
- Approachable staff! 🙋‍♂️ [Dont Be Afraid To Message Us]
- Active Voice Channels.🎧
- Gaming, Memes, Music & much more.🎮🐸🎵
- Dedicated Space Engineers Survival Server /w Mods!👨‍🚀👩‍🚀
- Community Warframe Clan, Needing More Ninjas!
Come say hi!👋🙋‍♂️👽
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Death by Doornob Death by Doornob
One of the best community's out there
This community has some of the best people that i have ever met they are nice respectful and some of my best friends.
Scooba Scooba
Is This Discord Worth It?
Well Thats A Loaded Question, Is Any Discord You Join Worth It.
As Head Admin/Developer I Will Be The First To Tell You That Its Not Perfect, But All Of Our Staff Does The Best We Can To Make It The Most Fun For You! Whether Thats A Specific Game Server You Like, We Make You Laugh In The Voice Chat With Our Cringy Jokes And Meme Worthy Music!. The Discord Community Is 2 Years Old And Has Gone Through A Lot Of Changes, As Well As Myself As An Admin/Dev. I Love Every Single One Of My Members And Treat Them As If They Are My Family, Because This Discord IS My Family. May You Join Our Sci-Fi, Building, Exploding, Looting-Shooting Teenage Friendly Discord!
little anime little anime
It is a grate discord.
I have bin in the discord for a long time. their was like maybe 10-12 of us at the time. i don`t own the discord but i can tell you we accept everyone that is respectful and nice to one another. trust me if you join this discord you will meat a lot of new friend`s on the way that is why i like this discord. all i have left to say is enjoy and hope this review helped you.
Gaming The Origin Gaming The Origin