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Crossing Gate RP

In a mythical land ruled by the Demon Queen, Uzume Akuma, the denizens of the realm embark on adventures facing danger and treachery. Bonds are formed and broken. Love won and lost. The heroes and villains of the realm battle for the eternal war between order and chaos. Will they fall to their wickedness, or will they triumph over it? Its all up to chance...

There Are Rules if you Join The Server


The Server Is a Mainly Roleplay Server With a Growing Community For Gaming Art and More. We Do not force you to roleplay and we have avid readers and respectful staff if you respect them as well. If you join it may look overwhelming but we will do our best to help you if you need it.

We have a patreon and we are creating a manga based on the roleplay:
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
robotcraig robotcraig
Amazing server
The world is so deep and rich with lore. Amazing Characters and player, everyone is so friendly you can talk. The story is so good to read if you have to catch up on events.
NovaSeris NovaSeris
Depth and Scale like a Triple A game.
The world is deep and rich with lore. Each and every NPC has depth and a multi-layered feeling to them. They all feel like living breathing people. The world is functioning, meaning many things happen behind the scenes but the city is alive, people move around it at all times, the world has substance and breath. A good way to explain it, is if you took LoZ: Breath of the Wild, and added in a thriving ecosystem, a bustling city structure, and creatures that are a challenge. At no point do you feel over powered, there is always a challenge. There are many updates, and Seasonal plot lines that are optional to everyone who Rp's. It is a fantastic place both in community and in story telling.
Amoux Amoux
Lore heaven and tough luck
Good place to play with a plethora of lore and deep story elements. Combat is dice based so you never know just how a encounter will turn out. And great people
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Grym Grym
Love the lore. The characters and community are awesome folks