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The Bird Nest
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The Bird Nest

With a close-knit family of people and cute bird emotes, The Bird Nest is a nice little haven of wholesomeness. Take a break from the craziness of other servers.

- Birbs.
- One of the most friendly servers probably ever. Staff don't even need to moderate much because everyone is just so darn nice???
- Choose your own name color.
- You're treated like an actual human being. Crazy, right?
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Purpzie Purpzie
I love everyone so much ;__;
I may be the owner but I'm doing my best for this not to be biased, here's my 100% genuine opinion:

everyone is so freaking wholesome??? like holy heck i've barely needed any moderators because everyone is so gosh darn nice to each other. what in the world. i love absolutely everyone in this place, like gosh golly heck i'm so thankful to be blessed to know these people. keeps me going every day.

Iam Iam
bird time
Breadsticc Breadsticc
Whole. Some. (Edited!) (Edited again for response.)

I tripped over an invite link while waltzing through twitter one day. Skinned my knee a little but that's okay - taking a quick glance at the invite I noticed lots of... birds. All around it. Swarms. So why the heck not, I clicked on the link!

No regrets.

I joined, and instantly was overwhelmed by the positivity and, well, BIRDS. They have tons of cute bird emotes, a decent amount of channels (not too many, not too little) for different things, and the community there is so kind and accepting. It only took me five minutes to fully decide "This is it. This is where I want to be. The server I've been looking for."

- Birds
- Positivity
- Nice bots
- Well formatted rules and such
- Also birds
- Good community
- Not too active but still active
- Did I mention birds

- There was this nice pair of shoes I got one time, I think they're called converse? They were kinda comfy, but not the most durable. Looked nice, though- Oh wait, wrong "cons". Well, I'll look for those but I haven't found any yet.

Keep up the awesome work on this server!! Breadsticc out, peace!

Okay so I'm gonna keep it short and simple, this server is very wholesome!! But... I didn't know too wholesome was a thing until now. They're aggressively wholesome, and I don't mean that lightly. Messages are censored and deleted if it's not nice, I've repeatedly been given warnings that I was never told about for making jokes with other people who weren't warned despite saying the jokes first, and in general if you say something (even jokingly) that isn't very obviously and immediately clearly wholesome, people will just avoid you and not really tell you they want you banned until one day it happens.
But I mean... this is just my experience, everyone else there has a really good time and enjoys one another's company and honestly I'm more surprised and hurt than anything. I guess if you want to be in the server and be wholesome, fine, no ones stopping you, but be really careful because the owner said it herself that she can't pick up on jokes and sarcasm well because of her autism, so mistakes like accidental mutes and bans of multiple members are kinda unavoidable.

All in all, good server, just one really bad experience that happened after about 6 months of making friends and me not picking up on the hints that they didn't care about me. But don't let my personal experience keep you away, I just wanted my review to stay honest and up to date.

Breadsticc out, again

Probably the last edit:

I guess I wasn't exactly 100% clear. Yeah, the accidental mutes were from a bot, and that isn't really that big of a deal. The thing that really got to me was the fact that (according to you) *multiple* people, including admin and members alike, thought I was toxic and should be banned. Sure that's not really *that* bad, until you consider that I didn't know about this and wasn't told until right before I was banned for being unwholesome. I don't know, maybe I was cursing too much, or maybe I was a little aggressive because of my abusive upbringing - I'm aware I can get like that at times, and as much as I try to help it, apparently it's still too much. I really, really, *really* wish that someone could have been honest with me about how they felt instead of trying to be SO wholesome that they pretend to like me for the sake of being nice. THAT is the hurtful part of all this, not that I was banned, but that even though you might think I'm a "good person on the inside" everyone else kept going to you and telling you how awful they thought of me and at the same time would tell me the opposite.

If you really and truly want me back in the server, you'd invite me, or even DM me. It's not like I have you blocked. I don't think anyone is. But the truth of the matter is, I'm too (I don't even know how to word this other than) aggressive? for the people in that server. My personality and the way I speak is too much for your server to handle, and if I were to join again, it would likely be the same thing. As much as I'd like to be in the server again, I have to refuse because I don't want the same two-faced wholesomeness I got before. Even if you all agreed to just be honest this time, I would just spend the entire time in that server afraid of everyone being nice to me again because I don't know if it's genuine or not. It just... isn't a good idea for me to go back, so please don't invite me. Feel free to DM me though, if you really want to.

Just stop lying to me, please. Tell me the truth on what you really want from me.

Purpzie Purpzie
Admin response
Breadsticc, I want you to know that I've felt so, so terribly bad about banning you, and what led up to it - though I will be sticking with the decision for now. You're a good person on the inside, and you might be let back in sometime, but the main reason you were banned is for causing a ton of drama and making many people feel uncomfortable and unsafe to talk around you.

I thought the bot was DMing you those warnings, therefore that you knew about them, but you never got those DMs so that part is definitely my fault, and I'm sorry. And yes, I do have minor autism and I'm not perfect, but if I do make mistakes they are almost always fixed after someone lets me know. All I want is to keep peace in the server. The thing is, many people have told me they felt you were really toxic a lot, it wasn't just me. :(

That isn't linked to accidental mutes, though. All of those are made automatically by the bot, which I'm trying to tweak the settings of so it doesn't impact normal conversation. Some mods actively watch the modlogs in case someone gets muted wrongly by the bot, so they can unmute them asap. It isn't the best setup, but it isn't the worst either.

I hope you're having a great day despite all these things.

EDIT: I changed the spam threshold to 15 (it used to be 10) so hopefully that'll mean less accidental bot mutes.