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The Static Server

A general server created for my community originally made from youtube, but is now its own thing.

Great people who will talk with you about anything, most notably anything music related. Preferences with music include metal, hardcore, electronic and experimental, but there's a bit of everything in the mix!

- discuss everything and anything
- showcase your own creations
- nsfw, spam and memes chats because why not
- talk about gigs you've attended or wish to
- be an active and good member and level up!
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FakeSinnlichkeit FakeSinnlichkeit
An underrated server.
I have been in this server for quite some time and I gotta say that there are a lot of people that you can get along with. The people in there are open-minded, funny and one of the rare ones that you can find on the planet meaning that they will do their best to talk to you, make you comfortable in the server and of course, have a good time in there. This is a server where you can talk mostly about metal but you do not get criticised unlike in other metal servers that I have been part of. I personally recommend that you should give it a shot and join the server, you will have a great time in there without a doubt.

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