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The tavern is a great place anything D&D, with a active moderator staff and over 2500+ members, we got everything to help Veteran and New DMs and Players alike!
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Arsanity Arsanity
Great People, Always active
Within the instant of joining you get welcomed and asked if you have any questions. Its a great place to come to if you have any questions regarding DND or are looking to join a group, DM, or play with others its the place to go! They have a very helpful staff and educated community. They run one-shots and short-long campaigns!
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panda panda
Nice people, good staff and awesome community! ^-^
Very helpful members and staff, nice people to talk to. With a nice community where people are respectful and openminded. It is a place to grow in your knowledge of D&D and other tabletops while helping others learn about what you know and have to offer.

A place you can come to after you get off work and relax, hang out with friends. I have met people in the tavern that are now my friends and will be my friends for a long time to come.
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blackmage blackmage
So you find yourself in a tavern...
Everything you could want or ask for in a server. Homebrewery and Still for those that want to make their brands. Role-playing for those that want to play a deeper game of D&D then the average fare. Help-desks for any facet of the game to assist you in any theory crafting, inquiries, or just hypothetical's you may have about D&D. It also host a assortment of other systems, and older editions for those playing a different game. All are welcome in the tavern to become a patron and chill and be chill.
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Kvothe Kvothe
A friendly, engaging place.
The atmosphere is calm and the discussions are lively. Plenty of users are happy to answer questions, discuss D&D, and help put together games. A very nice place to be.

The server has expanded recently, featuring an organised D&D 5e text roleplay section, and some D&D games hosted in the tavern itself.