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EpicKing Hangout Discord

Hello I would love for you to join my server! We could use some partner managers, we have also started having events
Tuesday = Movie night
Friday = Gaming night
Saturday = Karaoke night
Sunday= Guess the song night
Hello everyone I am here to invite you to EpicKing Hangout Discord, Here you can talk to all sorts of people that might have the same interests as you, and certainly interesting people!

We have loads of VC's and Fun Chats for you to enjoy!

We also run nightly events

Features in our server
High Moderation - Our staff monitors the chat seriously and mute or ban those who break the rules!
Event Roles - You can win a role for the more competitive events!
Lots of 24/7 music bots! Join the chat, relax and listen to music!
Staff - Professional/Respectful/Fun Staff
We have self assignable roles!
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Ratings & Reviews

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애정 애정
Great server!
This server is active 90% of the time and is pretty fun to be in! Staff are really nice and active! Tons of things to do here!
❀ ღAlpha Alisaღ ❀ ❀ ღAlpha Alisaღ ❀
Join this server!!
This server is wonderful! The people here are super nice and the staff are very supportive! They is always someone to talk to and something to do on this server!