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Spooky Stream 🎃 Free Nitro Giveaway
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Spooky Stream 🎃 Free Nitro Giveaway

| ᴏᴛᴀᴋᴜ ꜱᴛʀᴇᴀᴍ |
🏵️ I welcome you to one of the biggest Anime/Manga server at Discord. Here you will find everything you were looking for...

🎭 • Exclusive roles.

⚜️ • Best level up system.

👨🏻‍🎨 • Art Contest and Anime Quizz

💸 • Weekly/Monthly Nitro Giveaways.

🤩 • With over 500 unique emojis.

🧧 • Exclusive offers for partners.

🎞️ • Anime streams in several languages.

🏵️ • Mudae Premium and PokeRealm Tournaments.

🔞 • Over 100 channels with all Hentai tags.

🤖 • The most diverse bots for everything.

⛏️ • Minecraft Server hosted 24/7

⚖️ • Certified weeb staff who will always help you!

🗽 • A very large and friendly community.

🌸Join us now! @everyone
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Ratings & Reviews

29 reviews
Rohan7K Rohan7K
No one cares about your livestream m8
Owner keeps pinging @everyone 20 timer per day just for his livestream clout. Doesn't listen to members despite their suggestion of creating a separate role for livestream. Instead keeps pinging @everyone everyday.
AppleVerde AppleVerde
Admin response
We have already explained how you can mute a channel, it's not like he posts it in 10 different channels, he posts it in a dedicated channel, if it bothers you that much, it can be silenced and stop your headache. Hope you enjoy your stay nonetheless the stream pings, we got many more things than just stream pings that could easily be solved, you just gotta look it up
26 days ago
iMonsterDX iMonsterDX
Server you should try
This server contains a lot of fun things to do .
You can participate in real giveaways and win awesome things like nitro. You can watch some wiki wiki hentai xD. You can communicate with ppl and chat freely .
As I said it's from the servers you should try !
205 days ago
Francls Francls
People are really friendly and there are a lot of nsfw content so this is perfect for people who like those
205 days ago
Ara Ara
Amazing Server
This server is highly creative and has a large variety of events. It is a server which can be joined by anyone and still find something which suits their tastes. Highly recommended, specially if you are a fan of anime.
205 days ago