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Aletheia | Áλήθεια

Aletheia | Áλήθεια

Greetings and salutations! Aletheia | Áλήθεια is a serious and academic community for the spiritual, occultist, esotericist, and so many more! We are a community based around the various spirtual practices and have various discussions! We also have our own personal esoteric library if you would just like to scope out our resources! Aletheia is a server for those who are serious about the exchange of occult knowledge through academics and experience
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Blusnayl Blusnayl
Evil cult.
Cult that tries to brainwash its members. They may ban you even for polite disagreement.
261 days ago
Witch of Leviathan Witch of Leviathan
A Wealthy Hub of Occult Knowledge - Active - Too Many Channels
When joining the server it's easy to see why new people get scared off. The Occult is a wealth of knowledge, however to meet that demand the server as a LOT of channels. It can be overwhelming looking at them at times. However it as a lot of knowledge to comprehend all at once. The community is fairly active.
441 days ago