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Fluffy Pokemon a place where everyone is welcome to hang out and have a good time. We aim to be the friendliest Pokémon server out there. If you're looking for a place to meet new people and make new friends, then this is the server for you. Come check us out if you're interested.
- 38 non-staff text channels: Both SFW and NSFW available, including 10 RP-related channels!
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Tesla Tesla
Warning from Former Admin
Don’t waste your time on this server. As someone who was both a member and admin of this server for a little over a year, avoid this place. However, if you’re looking for an active NSFW chat here’s the perfect place!

There’s three main things you might want to know about before joining: crummy staff team, little to none activity, and an awful owner.

The staff team has never been anywhere close to 100% in this server, but due to recent events, their performance has dropped quite a bit. Punishments are handled poorly and publicly by a handful of staff, and those who do deserve to be punished go untouched because they are active members. There’s no communication and many disagreements all around on the actual scale behind things like mutes, kicks, and bans. When it comes down to changing the server itself, none of the staff team can veto the owner’s decisions, which really shows in the recurring issues (i.e- minors in NSFW. Spoiler alert: they’re everywhere).

The server outside of NSFW channels are as dry as a desert. While NSFW_dicussion is active nearly any minute of the day, General is lucky to see 50 messages tops. Honestly, if you don’t mind being on the next episode of How to Catch a Predator for messaging FluffDratini#0000 and not realizing they’re a minor, hit that join button. Really it only takes adding a reaction to get access to the NSFW channels.

Further, the owner is paranoid, to say the least. He holds grudges for a very long time - just bring up ‘Gren’ or ‘The Resort’ once and you’ll see what I mean. On top of this, he doesn’t seem to treat his role as the server owner seriously. If you’re willing to take time out of your day, there’s a google drive link below illustrating more on his behavior and past altercations.

That’s just my two cents.

⭐[ Epsilon ]#3570
37 days ago
Dusty Bubbles Dusty Bubbles
I don't recommend it. I'm just too lazy to leave.
In the couple of months I've been in the server, not every person there is the best to talk to, in fact sometimes people like to go back to this server JUST for the drama/tea. There are legitimate simps, snowflakes and incels in the server, and the most active on the server have to be the most perverted and slightly annoying to deal with. I'd bet some of the members who have NSFW aren't even 18+. The Trust System is flawed, but it works. I doubt there are that many horny adults out there, buuuuuuuuuut... furries exist, despite me not being one, the whole fandom's managed to say the Pokemon is their domain. (Trust me, Pokemon is not furry, there are plenty of furries and non-furries who agree. In my opinion, this opinion is very absurd.) I've once had a small drama in the server where I made of pun out of someone's name, and every time I did that the person would just go crazy and start crying about it. He was never punished- if not barely punished, and one of staff wanted to give the snowflake the boot so badly, but another staff member wouldn't let him- (even though the bitch deserved it) where even I was dumbfounded.

Snowflakes are pretty much never given the justice they deserve and no one can say that's a good thing. What doesn't help is that most of these members have wrapped their arms around these stupid snowflakes to the point where when someone doesn't even have context on what was going on during that drama, they bashed on the person who wasn't doing ANYTHING. And that was ME! One member months back has been wrongfully banned because another user impersonated them as well. (Not naming any names.) Another one was banned without that much context of why. Not even the banned member knew why except that the owner and the staff were targeting them.

The owner has a tendency to not mind their own business. There was once a server I joined another server without a bunch of people worshiping someone random like a little church. The owner found out and thought it was some kind of 2nd branch of their server.....

it wasn't.

If you want a Pokemon Server, there are better places. This is basically a furry server with mild toxicity and some drama that's not taken care of that well because staff are either unavailable, or inactive.

I don't recommend this server one bit. Sadly, I've kinda fallen into the trap and now I'm too lazy to leave lol.

Vovo if you're reading this, MAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE do something about your crazy server. HOWEVER, it's your choice so I won't force you to do anything.
180 days ago
Perle Perle
Good server
Idk what these soyboys be smoking in the reviews. Friendly users and mods, not scared to joke around. Everything about the server is nice. There sure are some things I don't agree on, but it's still the best furry/pokemon server I have visited.
266 days ago
Huh Huh
Isnt bad
Isn't bad, but i can say drama there can accrue from the smallest things.., and you can easily be disrespected.If you disagree or say something they dont like you will get drama,, But really? Isn't that bad at all, not every server is perfect or made for everyone. So these reviews below are bull. I highly recommend join this server
271 days ago