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Fluffy Pokemon
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Fluffy Pokemon

FLOOFERS WANTED - We're a Pokémon-themed server centered around all Pokémon cute, fluffy, or both with the goal of making Discord's most awesome furry-friendly

What makes us stand out and stand strong:
- 36 non-staff text channels: Both SFW and NSFW available, including 5 RP-related channels!
- Relaxed rules and no annoying word filters so you can speak your mind- just be civil!
- Vibrant conversations that change topic every day. Gotta stay fresh, yo!
- Some fun and useful bots to play music or play around. We're even working on our own!
- Made a cool new drawing? We've got spot in our museum just for yours- no art degree required!

Sounds good? Come join us!
We're the floofiest server on Discord! And we know it.
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Astro Astro
its G-R-R-R-R-R-R-REAT
Tony the Tiger approves.
1 4
Votra Votra
very good

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