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Pokémon Elite Battle Society
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Pokémon Elite Battle Society

Welcome to the Pokémon Elite Battle Society. Here you'll find a challenge for after you complete the main story. We have eight gyms, and and elite four. Will you be the champion?

We have tournaments every other month and pokecord for when idle. Trivia nights on Thursday and so much more. Come check us out!

Note: this isn't an rp server. It's a server for competitive Pokémon battle. (Currently on 3DS, switch coming soon)
the_official_Elodie Bumped 79 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
zonii zonii
Strong Server
I dont even have the latest pokemon game but it's ok because the server is full of pokemon
the_official_Elodie the_official_Elodie
The Best Pokémon Battle Server on Discord
You won't find better than the PEBS for battles and tournaments. And the unique PEBS Challenge extends play time with more gyms and the chance to be champion.

It's simply the best!
LunyDR LunyDR
Good Comunity
Great server, quality people, lots of fun, if you like Pokemon, you will definetly have fun in it.