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*Warning: We are not the most active server, and this is NOT an anime/weeb server. We are looking for someone that can make us a decent logo/server image.
Β» Β» Β» πŸ’– Welcome to our Community! πŸ’– Β« Β« Β«
β€’ πŸ› οΈ A verification system and good moderation
β€’ πŸ€– Many fun Discord bots
β€’ πŸŽ‰ Weekly Polls and Monthly Giveaways
β€’ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ LGBTQ+ Friendly and Accepting
β€’ 🀝 Partnerships
β€’ πŸ“’ Free Advertising
β€’ πŸ… Self-assignable roles and color roles
β€’ 🌧️ Venting channel
β€’ 🎈 Parties/Activities
Β» Β» Β» πŸ’– We hope that you enjoy your stay! πŸ’– Β« Β« Β«
*We would greatly appreciate it if non-toxic, active, and calm people joined our server, because our community is not the greatest right now. All of us want to make this server better!
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΀ρΡγαστ ΀ρΡγαστ
It’s alright
It’s an alright server, as far as it goes. The server lacks a true direction, and isn’t really focused around any particular topic, which can lead to some dry patches. But it’s got an interesting group of people in it, from a lot of different places, each with their own things to say. It’s a far cry from anything special, but it’s decent.
{Β°β€’Β°Man909Β°β€’Β°} {Β°β€’Β°Man909Β°β€’Β°}
Its is in my honest opinion a great server at its best but saying it has no flaws would be far from the truth
It has a great community as a positive but some times there are disruptions of the peace and atmospheres at those times may make you want to leave however they are rare and give no reason to leave this server as it happens in every server i have watched it grow and seen the great effort put in to improve it.
i definitely recommend joining this server apart from the occasional drama it is a top tier server with a great community only lacking enough active members to be 100% active 24/7 and loads of channels,emojis and roles.
P.S. yes the leaders may be a bit stubborn on some things but it is their server and we should respect their decisions but we have a suggestions channel please put ideas there.
Sinon Sinon
what the title says
MellonπŸ‰ MellonπŸ‰
5 Star 15/10
Awesome server Awesome people cool stuffs had fun still having fun

P.S. im bad at writing reviews and for the record im purposefully not using grammar so dont see this and think we are all just a bunch of 8 year olds because we are not anyways come on over and have some fun with us and dont be toxic

P.P.S. Just because we joke with each other toxicly doesnt mean you should go around being toxic while trying to be funny wait till you have a sense of what people think is funny so that way you arent being toxic and your actually being fun to hang with