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Wolfie's Den

# Welcome to Wolfie's Den, a place for many to come! We offer many things and is a place which will only grow! Many are invited and lots can join. We offer many people from different communities and are working on more things! So if you would like to have your stay at Wolfie's Den in the meantime, we will do what we can do improve.

[Just a few things to mention..][Like what this community offers, the owner is like and so on so..]

|| "Wolfie's Den" F-furry?
| Ah, yes, and more! As before, we offer things from different communities. If you prefer to not get into something like this, then there are zone's for you! Zone's in which prevants people such as "Furries" getting in. So you yourself can have a great time there!
BUT WAIT! There's mmm-ore~!
We also feature things outside from Discord! This may include things like the Wattpad Community (somewhat like a writes/readers club), Art Community (of all sorts), Social Media Communities (YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, MORE!!), Music (Soundcloud, Pandora, etc.), even movies.. and MUCH MUCH MORE that is soon to arrive. But what needs for this to happen is YOU!
|| Bots?
| Oh yes, we're featuring 10+, no, 30+, no 40+? WAY MORE, we're gonna feature bots of all kinds, bots never-shown before and bots that are made from people who are in the server! (Pokecord, yep, Music? Rythm Rythm Rythm, Nadeko, Yggdrasil, oh there's just much.)

< >

[Just a note from the server owner: @Brad Smith#4043 ][We're here to welcome you, so even if you join and don't do anything, you'll still be apart of our community and that's what help builds us. Together we become bigger and grow on things we've never done before. So all you funky, weird, shy, decent, emo, hip people, and others, get in here! YEAH!]
Brad Smith Bumped 326 days ago

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Brad Smith Brad Smith
To Reviewers.. and people joining.
Mmk, totally great server, from not the totally great owner. Self-promotion, self-greatness. Ha, well I'm just testing. But I mean, stars, yay. ++...

Either way, straight from the owner, the server is being improved and is getting better. We use to be a server of at-least one-hundred people over, but there were certain reasons to such. In the end, it's being rebuilt and you being there could really help, because a million can't be made without a lota one's; right?

Either way, you can improve my community - since you being there, helps in one-too-many ways.