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Official Denarius (D) Cryptocurrency Discord Server
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manosv manosv
One of the rarest cryptos out there !!!
I absolutely love this community. The dev is also very active, on a daily basis, on the forum, and most importantly with development and trying to get the coin listed across more exchange sites. He appear genuinely invested into the development and longevity of the coin and its tech.
Inocelda Inocelda
Great Community, Even Better Coin
The Denarius Discord community is a fun group of people from all areas of the world. You can learn more about the coin here - - and the community forum can be found here as well - - we hope you join us.
sgm1025 sgm1025
"Denarius, a golden opportunity presents it's self to you, are you wise enough to recognize it? Will you act or shy away?
Denarius is, has been, and will continue to be a community powered open source decentralized cryptocurrency project. Decisions are made by consensus, with the greater common good of all members as the sole driver of growth and change.

A Cryptocurrency Based Off The Bitcoin (Satoshi) Core Code, With A Proof Of Work And Proof Of Stake Hybrid Consensus, Including The Original Proof Of Work Cryptographic Hashing Algorithm Called “Tribus”. Denarius Also Features Atomic Swaps And Hybrid Masternodes (Fortuna Stakes).
How to spend? Use Swirlpay.
$crypto #crypto #decentralized #denarius
Denarius - Ancient Money For A New World
Denarius has features like fast transactions, stealth addresses & encrypted messaging. Denarius uses Tribus as its PoW hashing algorithm with a max supply of 10,000,000.

At block 3 million, some time in February of 2020, Proof Of Work will end. It will then transition to Proof of Stake and Fortuna Stakes.

About the discord server, what an awesome team, project & community. Always helpful when you have a question. Very active team and GitHub. Denarius is ever evolving into the cryptocurrency of the future. Thank you Carsen.