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Colvilian West Marches

Colvilian West Marches - an unofficial Matt Colville community D&D game!
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Best Online D&D Server I've found.
Bridges Rhinestone Jr was sitting awake in the early hours of the morning, listening to his favorite Metallica album and getting ready for bed when all of the sudden a desperate message rings out from the depths of Discord, calling for anyone to come help, as a scouting expedition won't have their full roster of adventuring cadets. Bridges, being the beautiful and nice person he is, decided to volunteer. In the process he definitely got his proficiencies wrong when adapting to a whole new character sheet, but with zero prep time, it was a mistake he would have to make.

Honestly because he got there so late it was kind of hard to know really what we were supposed to be doing, but the gist of it was: Scouting a cave where a necromancer used to be, and fight a spirit naga?

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