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A friendly sfw art server welcoming artists of all kinds. (^:
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Lemon, The Boy Lemon, The Boy
Great community.
The community on this server is fantastic. After a while, you will find acceptance, no matter how strange you are. Everyone in the server is welcoming and unique. There's never a dull moment in the server (as long as it's during the day and particularly if you're in the EST time zone, but that's besides the point). The artist, writers, photographers, and people who are simply here for fun each have something to provide for the server. You can always go into a channel (that isn't writing or music) and find something new to see. I'd recommend joining so that you may be recognized in our community and receive pure, honest feedback on your work.
SkyeGaming SkyeGaming
Very friendly
I’ve met a lot of great friends on this server. And the staff truly care about all their members.
Doctor Krentis Doctor Krentis
Pretty rad
Servers kinda rad, it would be better if there was a doctor Krentis funny funny moments but you know tunas cool so that makes up for it 6/7 would talk in again
Kat Kat
Friendly, and funny, but never unable to switch to being serious. Very accepting (within reason). Easily the best people to be around. (Except gamer bill, he's a nuisance.)