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Kingdom of Lothric
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Kingdom of Lothric

We are a small but friendly community that is looking for more citizens to join the Kingdom of Lothric
To make interaction for example more rewarding and fun we have added a levelling system. Come and hangout with us!
Wolf One Bumped 119 days ago

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2 reviews
Xaleb Xaleb
Fun server!
This is a server with alot of time and effort put into it. There's a channel for every kind of interest imaginable and the server owner makes a point of making sure it's a welcoming environment for newcomers. The people here are cool too so that's a A+
ApocoSausage ApocoSausage
Lovely People!
A great community of people of all ages! We play games like smite & for honor very often, and this server gave me so many great friends!

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