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Hi there! ✨ We’re a 16+ social/hangout server with a focus on gaming, anime, manga, and many other interests! We’re a very open server and love meeting new people! We’re the perfect place for you to make new friends~ We host weekly events and frequently VC, join us today! 💫

☆ Weekly events including browser games, movie nights, anime nights/mornings, PC games, and many more!
☆ Leveled roles that give rewards!
☆ A place to chat about many different interests! Including gaming, anime, manga, music and more!
☆ Find random crates in the chat that are full of money! You can use this money to buy fun items!
☆ Several self-assignable roles that unlock special channels, change your name color and help us get to know you!
☆ Fun bots that you can use to interact with other members! Including Mudae, UnbelievaBoat, IdleRPG, and more!
☆ Many different music bots for you to choose from!

✨We’re currently looking for mods and partnerships managers! ✨
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Mr.Perry Mr.Perry
First time I’ve ever really been part of a discord server that isn’t targeted at something specific;its fun to be able to chat and joke around with people even if I’m not on 24/7.
Lofie Lofie
I joined this server about 2 months ago and I love it, the staff are friendly and sociable, and they host events on occasion such as movie or game nights.
I don't normally stay in servers for this long but this server really is great, and I made friends with a lot of people in it.