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r/Polytheism is the official server of the subreddit, a general Contemporary Polytheist community for all Polytheists, from Hindus and Hellenes to Shintoists and Zoroastrianists. This is an open, friendly, and tight-knit community for serious conversation and educational experiences with academic pagans.
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Klaytonos Beten-Siloúios 🏛🌞🎤🎶 Klaytonos Beten-Siloúios 🏛🌞🎤🎶
Aten out of Ten
A server dedicated to contemporary polytheism, from reconstructions of ancient polytheisms to still-living religions such as Shintoism and Hinduism. And, cool staff!~ ❤️
VaporIcecream VaporIcecream
Excellent moderation, friendly community, 100% guaranteed intelligent conversation.