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Reverdie is a friendly and lovely server for all kinds of people. It's more like an imagination of a beautiful world with a lot of friends who care about one another. We're like a small family with 450+ members where we're all brothers and sisters. We share our happiness to make others happy . If you need a place where you can stay and talk freely, it's nothing but our community. So feel free to join and enjoy yourself.
We’re pretty much a friendly server where you can-

❆ Aɳιɱҽ & Mαɳɠα
❆ Gαɱιɳɠ Dιʂƈυʂʂισɳ
❆ Cσɱιƈʂ & Mҽɱҽʂ
❆ Sҽɾʋҽɾ Pαɾƚɳҽɾʂ
❆ Sҽʅϝ-AʂʂιɠɳαႦʅҽ Rσʅҽʂ
❆ Join Our Wҽҽƙʅყ Eʋҽɳƚʂ
❆ Rσʅҽρʅαყιɳɠ
❆ Qυσƚҽʂ & Fυɳ Fαƈƚʂ
❆ Aɾƚ Rσσɱ
❆ NSFW Cԋαɳɳҽʅ
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Inixius Inixius
Feels like home
It's really friendly and provided me with a home on discord. It really feels like a small family to me. uwu
Tatsuya エバンス Tatsuya エバンス
So Friendly ♡
It's a pretty nice server where everyone is cared so nice. We can share anything with 'em ♡

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