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Druid's Grove

Druid's Grove

We are a community of druids welcoming all other pagans to join our community, hang out and chat.
Owl Bumped 437 days ago

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Owl Owl
Good server... At first.
Druid's Grove is very laid back, helpful, and inclusive. There isn't too much activity going on right now, but hopefully that'll remedy itself soon as the admin are in the midst of revamping the server. <--- my original review.

I became staff in this server, and ended up leaving. The owner is not very good at communicating with fellow staff members, and tends to "poke the fire" with disputes. When confronted, I was met with silence and a revoking of permissions. I did a lot in my time there. Revamping channels, adding Disboard, getting new members, helping to regulate, prompting discussions, etc. But I guess my efforts were not wanted despite having an owner that is 90% away.
468 days ago