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The Quantum Alchemists
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The Quantum Alchemists

This server is designed to assist Lightworkers, Spiritualists and Pirates of Consciousness on their way to Realization and Embodied Mastery. It was was created, in hope of creating a deeper connection between individuals who enjoy the act of sharing wisdom.

Personal support on spiritual struggles is generally given in the channel #questions (sometimes you have to wait several hours before getting a response because of timezone differences).

It is relatively new, therefore please don't be confused (or run away) simply because there is not a wide memberlist~
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#RULE 3 - Please note that to advertise your own (or someone else's) content in #inspirational-sharings, it is required that you are active enough to gain the role @Pirates of Consciousness, and that you write a short explanation of why you feel it is relevant for someone's experience of Realization. Any type of advertising or links in the other channels will be removed, unless it is in the context of the actual conversation.
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Unwelcome environment
Too strict on where/what I can post about. I was told I needed to write a paragraph on why I think my link is good enough to share with the group, and then it got deleted.