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The First Holy Church of Booty
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The First Holy Church of Booty

Praise be unto booty, in all it's forms.

An 18+ NSFW Community with active admins and mods who aren't afraid to ban kids, trolls, pedos, and fücbois alike. Our goal is to not be like your standard nsfw server full of guys who will send you loads of unsolicited dick pics via your DMs. We're all just here to appreciate booty.

We use a handy leveling bot to automatically establish who has contributed to the server and who's just lurking. Once you contribute to the server from your porn stash and become an established member of the server you get more channels, permissions, and roles.

Bots: Mee6, Rythm, Dynobot, Pollbot, RP Bot

Fücbois, horndogs, and trolls will not be tolerated.
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OniYsoni OniYsoni
Servers... Servers have changed.
I was brought in to help with the initial setup of the server, once it was done the admin went way beyond what I expected the server to be. There are extensive rules to ensure the safety and enjoyment of each and every member as well as a reward/levelling system for those who post content, allowing them to access exclusive rank based channels. Is a good server that has gone through multiple incarnations and formats but still is the same group at heart. Most visited server in my server list. :mishadab:
Hiyoma Hiyoma
Pretty cool place to chill
Keeps out all the boys, spammers, or just trolls. Fun place to chill. Excellent leveling system.
♥ wisecar0 ♥ ♥ wisecar0 ♥
No fucbois?! Hawt admins?! Loads of images?! This is the server for you!
Oh did you not just read the title? Because that says it all! Also you get to level up and have awesome colors for your username (except the súper cool purple only for admins 😭)! If you want to be part the holiest of servers this is the one for you! Praise be to the booty!
zactastrophe zactastrophe
Community is worshipful
Devote appreciation to our source of worship, much debate amongst the sects of our theology regarding the true holder of our hearts and our hands; booty or thighs.