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Welcome to Paradise!
Tired of the toxic internet B.S. In Paradise, we have created a safe haven or Utopian community to chillax in all categories. Music, Movies, Art Gaming, and VC.
We are the best place to come organize eSports events or campaigns, without all the disruption of the cancerous disruptive internet as a whole.

Come meet new friends, or find one of our many channels to chill after a long day at school or work. Relax while grinding in your favorite game or finishing your homework while listening to music.

Monthly Events: Including art, mixed media, and gaming. Come to join the fun!
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
yesihaveaheart yesihaveaheart
sooooooo awesome!!!
it is my new home. very peaceful and happy server. the people there love me. just ask them. they are my family!! ♥
Lolita 🦋 Lolita 🦋
It is True, an actual non toxic place
This place is Amazingly calm and a True oasis from the total chaos of the cancerous places of the internet. Study rooms, Chill VC and Gaming corners for private competitions. I found the Exclusive Server options cool. I could have a private server in their server without the hassle of having to create and mod my own.
Mods are pretty fast at getting spammers and raiders dealt with, but overall it is a good environment to home too.