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Fantasy role-playing game with old school roleplaying elements set in table top style game play.
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ZulfayaPress ZulfayaPress
3d6 tabletop mechanics in a unique and robust world still in its infancy
Straight up, my review is biased AF because I am one of the staff members in this group. We have been running strong for the past 3 years with a tight-knit community, but we have a collective of over 20 years of written form RP going back to AOL Rhydin (In other words, we old yo )

We currently play a unique world where we want to encourage players to breathe life into it. We want you to be invested into the game world and with that said, we want your character to have a lore and a background within the lore of the game. I know this might be a turn off to some people looking to port over characters, but I encourage you to come check out the game with an open heart.

The learning curve can be steep if you try to take it all in it once, and for some people , it can be overwhelming but I can assure you , the staff (myself included) and our veteran players will help those who are willing to learn.

I am hopeful that you will give us a try, come in with an open mind and take a look at all the creative ideas and lorework that the game has to offer , and be inspired by the unique game ideas we have created using the 3d6 action roll instead of the traditional d20 (still love you though my 20, always)

aka ZulfayaPress

Staff member
Sirus Sirus
Fun and evolving world
Good table top style game with strong Role play involved. The world is consistently growing and evolving as time goes along. When there isn't a event being hosted by one of the staffs, they often times have some type of varied challenge content available for players to try. There is also your fellow role player there to sit back and enjoy ambient play with as well.
Chase Chase
Quite a fun place
I would describe it as a mix of homebrew Dungeons and Dragons mixed with some "modern" things that was possible with espertech. It's a good place that uses dice, yet still gives basic rewards just for RP

At least 1/2 events a week, so come on down.
Yuri Yuri
Interesting world, friendly community, active and fun!
I've been a part of this community from its start, helping to build and refresh and renew from a previous game. Despite being busy in my day to day life, I love finding the time to play, chat and interact with this group. Unique items, stories, characters and settings paint a beautiful picture.

Fans of Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons and freeform or ambient, immersive roleplay should definitely give it a try. You don't need any software to play, your stats and items and skills are retained for you on an easy to navigate site, with experience awarded. If you are daunted by the system of dice and abilities, there's help available with super friendly staff and players. And if dice aren't your bag, freeplay is just as easy to attain.