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We are a mature, chilled community with weekly events, giveaways and welcome new visitors to our passionate community. Gaming, Anime, Music, Memes, Giveaways, we have the lot. Join our chilled group and have fun with our friendly community!Visit our new community site:
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๐Ÿ† Growing Community
๐Ÿ˜„ Friendly Community and Staff
๐ŸŽช Weekly Giveaways & Events
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๐ŸŽถ Music Chillout
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5 reviews
LoafyLoaf97 LoafyLoaf97
I have joined and left multiple servers due to either lack of users, abusive chat or just general boredom, but this has EVERYTHING you'd want out of a Discord community. Super responsive, genuine Honchos and members alike. For gaming, anime or just general chat: JOIN
Cyrius Cyrius
Great place to hang out!
Whenever I got some spare time I like to chat or play some games here! Super friendly community and always brings a smile on my face. There's loads of gamers here as well so if you're looking to play some games come take a peek. Also we love ourselves some quality memes so feel free to share!
Amtastic Amtastic
Excellent server- fun community!
AMR is a wonderful server, it has an active community, chatrooms for anime, games, and especially Rocket League. It has a few games like Count To 1000 (even though 1000 was passed long ago), Guess The Keyword, and tokens to spend on things after you've earnt them by taking part in the events! ACR has secure moderation (coming from a moderator herself), and has plenty of inside jokes and memes. Overall, I'd give Actually Mediocre Ridiculous a solid ten outta ten. Like every server, it has its flaws, but very few. I hope you enjoy this server as much as I!
Ragzaurus Ragzaurus
Friendliest server out there
Lovely server, lovely admins & people, once you get in, you never want to leave :)