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Get lost in it..
We are a small but growing community which brings different
nationalities and people together to chat and have a great time!
The server has great ambiance and great mods/staff that love
welcoming new people!
The things we offer are:
| An XP ranking system that is easy to level up by being active

| Self assignable roles

| Diverse text & voice channels

| A welcoming community

| A foreign language chat for all to enjoy!

| Few Pings!

| Partnership opportunities (LOOKING FOR PARTNER MANAGERS)

| Plenty of very funny and cool bots for you to use!
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
joepie joepie
Love the server and the people. Amazing experiences with these dudes would def recommend
51 days ago
Rex ❀ Rex ❀
Highly Recommend!
Everyone over there is really nice and the layout of the server is neat :)

I really like the number of levels and ways to interact with the bots!
474 days ago