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🌌Enjoy Lewds in the "18+ Section" (use the bbhelp command to get all the categories available there),
🌌Level your Pokémon
🌌Claim and marry waifus
🌌Ofcourse there’s music and the possibility to play games together. (but mostly lewds)
🌌Smalltalk ofcourse and Patchnotes and Venting and Helping and all that good shit
🌌Game and Talk Channels (Write an admin if you want an Channal added)
📯Currently Building IT community (Ask for the Coder/Programmer Rank)
📯Searching Mods and Community Managers
📯Ask the Mods or the Admins if you want to have your own section or have Ideas!

Have fun!
CaptainRumpsteak Bumped 7 hours ago

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Zero Two Zero Two
Fun Server
Fun Server with some porn :p
I like it.
CaptainRumpsteak CaptainRumpsteak
Go to for lewds
18+ section 👌🏻