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Community for self-improvement and self-help.Topics include Philosophy, psychology, spirituality, typology, life advice. Join now and find friends!
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MechWizard MechWizard
tldr; hairtrigger bans & general irresponsibility, inconsistent rule enforcement, age/activity/donations mean nothing, authoritative & secretive staff. Better to choose something less head tilting.

Seems to go through waves of mass bannings when the staff rouses. There are no warnings and the generally inconsistent moderation makes things pretty confusing as is. After these happen the staff try to prevent discussions about it with more bans and general short haired triggers. These also seem to target longer term active members that made friends in the off-moderation months/weeks, so it can get pretty ridiculous.

Was a solid server otherwise with good topics of conversation, but in terms of time investment/consistency of atmosphere would be better to choose something more stable.

Had to use another account to make this review. Originally we were asked to review to draw more people and I posted a 5/5 because I liked this place quite a bit, having been there for months and pretty invested. I deleted it after my ban (which seemed to have happened out of the blue the day after I commented on how to improve their moderation tactics). I wanted to see how things settled first before re-reviewing, but couldn't because I was not in the server anymore. Honestly I thought they'd calm down and change their ways given a few days but I guess not. People do sometimes get unbanned for groveling and I probably would since I have several friends still in there to vouch on top of it, but I'd rather invest in something with a less bleak atmosphere. I hear there's a lot of offshoot servers, though!
Wishi Wishi
Good community, great place to learn
The community could be better, but it’s respectable. They are happy to show you how the ropes and teach you some things while you’re there. I have many fond memories of the place, and I hope you will too.
Satra Satra
Bad Member, Wonderful Community
I'm a bad member of this community as I am a lurker but am not often active. I enjoy seeing the interesting conversations held on this server. Even when I can't engage myself, I'll scroll through past messages to catch up on what's been said. When I am able to engage with the server I am welcomed and stimulated with intelligent conversation, which is a rarity on discord. I really love this server, and while I could be a better member, this could not possibly be a better server. I highly recommend this community to anyone who enjoys the more cerebral side of discord.
GR_Manuel GR_Manuel
Truly Grateful For This Gem...πŸ‘ŒπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
I've been active in this server for only a few days now, and to say that I enjoy it is an understatement within itself. The opportunity to communicate with like minded individuals, about various types of intellectual conversations has been ABUNDANT.
I am heavily pleased with the easy going members and the open-minded attitude of the young intellectuals that subside here.
Needless to say... This is exactly what I was looking for, and I'm very lucky to have found Cognition. Thank youβœŒπŸ’š