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Lul Lul
Nelly’s pub
- Freedom of Speech : This is not a right given to every member, it is a privilege. We will respect your opinion until you break boundaries (toxic behavior, racism/sexism, hateful repetitive slurs). Just follow common sense & the old quota of "Treat others the way you want to be treated". Don't bring your clan v [person, clan, community, etc] hatred in the chat as well.
- Advertisement : Do not excessively send links either to your YouTube &/or Mobcrush channel. If you're in this Community solely to advertise yourself, you could be liable to getting kicked.
- Pornography : Posting anything that is pornographic in any way, shape, or form will result in an immediate ban. No warning or 2nd chances, this community has alot of young people - ruining their innocence for a stupid 5 second laugh is extremely disrespectful.

Breaking these rules can result in you being KICKED & excessive disobedience will get you BANNED```
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