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The Chunky Clan
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The Chunky Clan

We are a fun and loving community that enjoys talking to people. We want people to come on and talk with us to just chill. So come on and say hi.
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kiya kiya
I love it!
The Chunky Clan is a great discord. Ever since there was a huge spike in the member count, the discord is always alive playing games. another reason why I love this discord is how accepting and positive all of the people are. It's also a good server if you play any battle royale games such as CS:GO, fortnite, etc. I hope this server goes a long way!
jakeDUW jakeDUW
Friendly and wonderful community
been here since the beginning and the people are fuckin great and the server is fuckin great
Kc Kc
The Funniest and Funnest Discord Server!!!
Everyone be close and friendly to the point we be talking personal and make jokes about it to make it not so serious anymore. LMAO