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Café Le Bliss
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Café Le Bliss

☕ Cafe Le Bliss ☕

- We are merely a community to strive and create diversity, whether it be talking, sharing interests, hobbies or professionals. We want to make you feel as home as possible. All topics range from Anime, Gaming, NSFW and all other sorts of stuff people might appreciate. Lay back, chill and even find your second family, so please enjoy your stay and simply follow the few and fair discord rules so everyone could enjoy the server equally!

More in depth:
- Active and fair staff
- Friendly community and extremely diverse. (America, Europe, Asia etc)
- Variety of channels and topics (even a games section)
- Get notified about free stuff and server giveaways
- Self-Assignable, seasonal and purchasable roles (via in-server coffee system not irl money)
- Optional: Should you feel generous, donating to our paypal grants you irresistible perks! (one time or monthly)
- NSFW content in dedicated channels

We are currently at 2.3k+ members and growing!
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loliris loliris
Good Memories and Great People
I've been in Cafe for a while now and it's a very tight, close-knit community. There's a bunch of great people to meet from regulars and staff. I've met some great people here that I've grown very close to and have become emotionally invested in and made some great memories. If you're looking for a welcoming, close-knit community, come to Cafe Le Bliss :)
Cody K Cody K
Cafe Le Bliss
Four out of five stars for me something took place. Still I like it here enough. Doesn't matter what I'll say. Just this is going to get a good bit of dislikes more then likes. Like last review most likely. It's active and it can be a lot of fun. The humor might not be too your liking. I've got help with personal issues from some people. Basically you just got to find the right people to chat to like any other server.
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An Average Weeb An Average Weeb
Biggest downfall ever
So I wanted to check this server out after the 1 star reviews piled up, they aren't lying. I'll just give you a pinch of salt, one of the the rules is "nigga" is the only slur word allowed everything else is a bannable offensive which is an okay rule I guess, and turns out the staff team and owner call people niggers, just look up nigger in keywords and there you go, owner doesn't really give a shit about this server anymore, and it's fucking dead just don't join.
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get dabbed get dabbed
it's dead
This server is dead and has been dead for quite some time. They should probably delete it or make it private. This server has had many owners and they all left because they couldn't handle all the BS. Same goes for the mods who are now leaving one by one. I checked the positive reviews on Disboard and they were all made by staff members (some of which are now gone or completely inactive).

This server is ran by a bunch of kids (14-16 years old), so don't expect much from it. It's meant to die.

It sure used to be great though. I was there when there was more than 5k members. However, the server is no longer active or fun. In fact, it's losing members everyday.

Time to move out.
-Old Member

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