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Quest is an immensely appealing and enjoyable place that has been up for almost 2 years.
Communication is easier and held back, members are really friendly!
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Lyd Lyd
Not Bad
I honestly didn't think I'd message as much in this server as I do. While sometimes drama can happen, generally everyone's pretty chill and welcoming.
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Belly Belly
I joined Golden's server I think a month or two ago trying to be more active on discord and look for some new friends. As soon as I had joined the Server I was greeted so kindly by many people who I now call my best friends and friends. The server has such a tight community that everyone gets along with, I have no negative reviews for this server because In my honest opinion it is one of the best servers I have joined. Golden and the Mods put in a lot of work in the server and try to make it a fun and chilled place for members and the server deserves more rep because it takes a lot to make a server active and a happy place for memebers.

Thank you to Golden and everyone in the server, I love you all and thank you for always brightening up my days! <3
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Hïmµ Hïmµ
Golden's 100% server
The Server is active as it has always been and we are striving to make it even more active, Golden is the owner of the server and i have loved being in the server. I joined about 4 months ago and have made so many friends that i cant even count how many i made. If you are active in the chat everyone begins to know you and we just become a big family. We sadly do have drama a lot which what server does not have drama? like have you seen a server without drama? I think not. We have nice members who are hella friendly. We do not stand for trollers, raiders and or jokes about rape or suicide. and we have had issues with people saying that we bribed people to vote for 5 stars, just so you guys know we never did something as low and dirty like that. I'd join if I were you its worth every single minute being in the server. WE WUB YOU
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Golden Golden
Response to the bad reviews
- Owner's New Main account, proof: -

First I will start off with the people saying we bribed our reviews, the reviews were never bribed, when the reviews system was implemented into's website, we announced that we want people's honest reviews, so we could learn what their personal opinion is in our server, and we could get some feedback to see what we could fix.
We never told people to rate 5, we did reward people for giving us honest reviews and telling our pros and cons in the server, what we should fix, and what we should not.

Now, let's head to Sugoi Potato~'s Review
While every server does have drama which is very quickly taken care of in our server by our proffessional mods (with a DM conversation) - we do not have spammers or trollers, we do not tolerate them and we immediately ban raiders as well. The outrage had to do with a mod manipulating other mods, and DM'ing other members to leave my server and move to another server, this has all happened due to people secretly hating on me for banning their friends for advertisement, being too open minded and honest to them (Which they seemed hurt of) and also for being too soft on people and not taking action when I should have to remove them (take action before it's too late and unnecessary drama like this happens, take a note - server owners!), The server is not dead, the server is as active as it used to be, people come and people go, when new members left, new people came in and started feeling way more comfortable to talk in the server cause there weren't many people around to judge them and they finally had free speech.

Thank you if you read the review, I just had to point all this out and sorry if I ignored it I just didn't have the time to check out the reviews of the server, don't miss the chance to join us and don't listen to what a few haters have to say about your server, you can also contact me if you need suggestions about your server to grow it or make it better, I'm always here to help!

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