[Golden] We Wub You~ ♡

[Golden] We Wub You~ ♡

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[Golden] is a multipurpose server with over 1.2k members, you will find very friendly people with similar interests such as Anime, Gaming, Art, Food, Pets, Memes and other real life based activities! Go grab a coffee cause you're about to meet the chillest people in this server!

Some features that our server offers:

- Activity-based leveling system.
- Activity-based currency, which allows you to gain custom roles, custom colors & much more!
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights, Music Nights & more!
- Very professional staff & Members all around the world, online 24/7!
- Other optional channels such as NSFW which you can achieve by assigning yourself the roles!
- 4 Main Role Categories: Personality, Others, Ranks, Special Tags.
- Leaderboard, which rewards people with special tags for inviting people in the server!
- Overall a very active server & very professionally edited.

Ratings & Reviews

30 reviews
Luna's Luna's
Very good
Was bribed to rate
Sticky Sticky
A community with lovely people❤️
To be honest, the large community is rather nice and will help you if needed. I've made a lot of great friends on there. Drama RARELY happens. I really do recommend joining this server. It'll be worth your time! owo
m att m att
bunch of anime pfps and cool people
MikeDavid414 MikeDavid414
The Best Marvelous Server Ever!
Since April 5, 2018, I have joined the server to create new friends. But the reason why I love this server is about the last time I helped people without getting out of control. Then as I saw a argument, I have to think of what I should do before too many people tagged. But maybe I was hard of myself of getting people tagged so the last time I created a wall or paragraph, I had to step up and help the moderators and owners to make a right decision. Like the last time that I don’t want to include a debate channel. The 1st big paragraph was a big success except the 2nd and 3rd comments was a bit complicated about tagging. So I have made a big decision, that I don’t want tag too many people because I was a good person to help on my own life. On count-to-100000, was a perfect time to catch up, except I only want 1000 numbers which is my best decision. Golden I want to thank you for all of my hard work to make my best day and decision with life ever if necessary. I have become a nicest person on this server without warnings and losing money. Thank you very much for enjoying the best server ever.