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Outer Heaven

Outer Heaven is a historic Shitposting server that was a home of /pol/ operations against HWNDU, we had multiple e-celebrities and articles written about us. Now server is a shitposting server with lightly moderated rules and focus on free speech.
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danielpbarron danielpbarron
What is this place?
Way too many channels and roles. I have no idea what it's about, but it seems sketchy. A lot of childish meme posting.
igger igger
Unsung Heros
I've been in OH for around 2-3 years now and it's been the wildest ride I've ever been on. First, it was initially created in response to the HWNDU Shia Lepuss anti-Trump livestream to catalogue and make fun of his ideology and was owned by an annoying unfunny 12 year old that shit their pants from the slightest threat and deleted the initial server before a forklift driving spaghetti eating Italian man created what OH is today.

After season one finished, OH became a melting pot of all genders and ethnicities which was ironic as the server was laughing at Shia's attempt to push this message. Memes and XD's were shared and passed around like Pyro's nudes (hilarious in-joke) which strenghtened the relationship OH has with it's users. OH then became it's own drama collective with the forever trapping of the owner hiring traps and dating traps which lead to the further degeneracy of the server.

Now, the same level of degeneracy still occurs with the Head Admin being a furry with general being spammed with cocks and black cocks occasionally and the banning of pedophiles being an often site to behold.

If you want a chill server that is very hard to get banned from join OH and make friends with some of the crudest and rudest and moodiest people on the platform.

P.S. Mario Fusco
SuperDrBacon SuperDrBacon
gret servr
issa very gud srver haily recument fur aniwan lukin fur a naic tiem. little bit of autism tho