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Outer Heaven

Outer Heaven

Outer Heaven is a historic Shitposting server that was a home of /pol/ operations against HWNDU, we had multiple e-celebrities and articles written about us. Now server is a shitposting server with lightly moderated rules and focus on free speech.
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danielpbarron danielpbarron
What is this place?
Way too many channels and roles. I have no idea what it's about, but it seems sketchy. A lot of childish meme posting.
250 days ago
SuperDrBacon SuperDrBacon
Take the Heavenpill
Taking the Heavenpill is a declaration of freedom and an act of philosophical transcendence; it is the simultanious ackknowledgement of the Blackpill with the dicision to avoid its attendant nihilism. By consciously choosing to seek joy; to seek adventure, to seek light-hearted and self-amused mastery in the midst of all chaos. The Heavenpill is a philosophy unto itself...and perhaps, in these trying times, is just the medicine this broken world needs.
399 days ago