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The Politics

The Largest and MOST active POLITICS SERVER ON DISCORD. All ideologies are welcome. Multiple Voice chats with 30+. Darth Dawkins LIVE NOW.
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Jewish_Infiltrator Jewish_Infiltrator
Spicy Server
This is a great server to put your ideals to the test. Has many active voice chats and text channels full of people debating and discussing at all times of the day.
Glorious Yamato 日本 Glorious Yamato 日本
Subarashii! Amazing! The best Politics server!
I remember when I first joined this server a few months back, I was really just bored and looking for a server to spend some days in chatting and then get off Discord again. And I, who had just recently gained more interest in politics in general after years of studying business econ. & management and with an interest in international relations/diplomacy, found this server by chance. I came into the server with that mindset, thinking that this was only gonna be for a few days, maybe a few weeks before I started my job. And OH BOY I WAS WRONG...

I can in perfect and clear honesty say that this server is absolutely amazing. From a welcoming, effective staff to allowing almost all point of views and treating each other with respect, is what makes this server great. There is no reason for Making it Great Again when it is already just that; great.

The server has a great balance of massive amounts of active right wingers, left wingers and big-brained, highly intelligent centrists alike. This allows for an incredibly active server with great and fun conversations and debates.

I will forever be glad that I have found this server and am looking forward to staying active here for as much as I can. And I encourage everyone who finds this amazing server to join, check it out, see for yourself that there exists no truer review than this one. Believe me! The greatest, unbelievable, amazing. And if you don't join... SAD!


( PS: Server could use some more Japanese people tho: -694209816 stars xD )
Divancey Divancey
Good place overall.
No server is perfect but this place is very good, and the best I have been on. Mods are fun and chill, and the community is very fun to interact with.
Samuel Samuel
Best Politics Server Buckos!
When I first joined this server, I was in chaos, a real-crab aye. Life was bloody tough man. But this community with all the order and chaos distilled within it made a lobster out of me. I was at the bottom of the hierarchy—a real resentful loser you know, aye. It's bloody complicated, and that's that!
Anyways, after spending some time here I got to strengthen my points of view and have had my mind opened to new ideas and axioms.

It's also not some SJW-fest or alt-right neo-marxist University crap; which is a good thing sunshine. You got your fair balance of liberal and conservative crybabies which you can feast on with civil discourse and DESTORY like Ben Shapiro.
Reading this and thinking to yourself "well this guy is just sucking this server's penis" well, you're wrong. It's also an ambiguous server where all ideals except Nazism are allowed—no exclusion like those crab servers. Man, woman, child, black, white, yellow, gender fluid or whatever you're feeling on the day, you're welcome here!

As you can see by our online ratio, the server has lot's of people on here - the largest politics server! You won't be talking to yourself that's for sure like other politics servers where the last reply was 2 hours ago. With active text and voice chats throughout the Gregorian days aye, you're never out of jazz to cry about.

Come join and see for yourself. Become a lobster and clean that room! Bring about order, debate crabs and lobsters alike and become a smart bucko. If you don't you're missing out let me tell you that. I'll give you €50 if you find a better server for political discourse. What exactly are you still doing here reading this reply? Click join and head to the underworld and rescue your father! — Jordan Bernt Peterson