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Make Anime Great Again
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Make Anime Great Again

Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free with 3k+ members and a advanced anti-raid/spam system that doesn't blanket target every new member but only those who have shown to cause issues in the past.
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Nman Nman
Glad I joined
Found this Discord via Crunchyroll and it made me use Discord actively for the first time.
The Staff and Owner are always friendly and helpful and the whole community was very welcoming.
If you are into Manga and Anime you will sure find a lot of nice people in here very fast.
Legency Legency
Great server!
I joined and become a meme and got lots of friends, it was great! The server is great too :)
Blue❖ Blue❖
This is an absolutely fantastic server full of fun and friendly people, mods who are always on the ball, raid prevention and solid conversion of all kinds. Honestly the best server I've ever been on 11/10 would recommend.
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Sheepbox52 Sheepbox52
Great and Freindly
This server is a awesome place for people to hang out to gether and do all sorts of thing from play games together, watch anime, gamble (if your into that(also fake gambleing)), or just chat. I like the community and how friendly everyone is to everyone no matter what so ya great server.