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Abusive Trolls
When ppl join our server and proceed to tell everyone they only joined to catch nekos, that's fine. But then bc they only join to catch nekos, they ignore staff warnings, spam chat in order to get neko spawns, complain about rules being too strict and overall is a toxic person. Our mods ban these kinds of ppl, the ones that doesn't care about our rules cause why stay in a server you don't agree with? Just leave, simple as that. They didn't follow the rules, They had 3 staff members telling them to stop and they even said sorry and told me they would stop and I warned again and they said to stop warning them bc they already said they would stop, but not even 10 mins later, they went ahead and did it again and you know what they said? They said "sorries". As if they think breaking rules, lying about stopping, etc. is ok to do in this server and that we wouldn't do anything right? Also, the person isn't even the correct age to be in the server so yeah, they shouldn't have joined in the first place.

But bc they was banned the next day, other ppl don't see all the back and forth that happened and complain about mod abuse bc they aren't on the server 24/hrs they don't see our logs they don't see how hard my staff works in trying to diffuse certain situations. Then those ppl start saying stuff like, just cause you're a mod doesn't mean you have to be 100% mod all the time. AHAHAHA. Ok, so if my mods are not doing their job, why should I continue to have them stay as mods? Sorry, but ppl who don't respect our rules, literally just joined a day or two ago, tries to argue with us on how we run our own server, then gets banned bc they don't understand that we have warned ppl multiple times already and tried to get them to follow rules and simple commands and all they do is trolling around, pushing our buttons thinking it's ok to come into a server with rules and abuse them and think it's ok that they can be above the rules. Sure it's a simple command, but we didn't ban for the command and idk why ppl would even be dumb enough to think we ban for a command. We banned for breaking the rules and ignoring staff warnings. That person wasn't even supposed to be in here bc we do have an age limit set. So if you don't like it, then don't join our server. If the rules are too strict then leave. I don't join your severs to argue with mods and complain about and break your rules no matter how simple they are. And we don't have to deal with ppl that do that in ours too. Also, we don't go around getting butt-hurt about getting banned after arguing with staff and creating alts to re-join just to post 1 star reviews on what we consider mod abuse when we clearly didn't see what was happening bc we don't moderate other ppl's servers that we're not mods for.

As for why they are bringing up the original post, I have no clue. That post was there for the previous staff members which none of them are staff anymore. It was for a previous issue that was already let go on from the people involved. From what I know the poster was a friend of the ex-staff members and they only joined a few days ago, didn't see what was happening in the background and got upset when those ex-staff got banned for starting drama, being toxic, etc. It has nothing to do with any of our current staff.
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Man of time Man of time
Abusive mod
There we go again.
Almost as expected, did I got banned. Especially for a reason that makes no sense, since I got accused of being an alt of someone. (
I do not deny being an alt of a user, but I do also not accept being banned for an invalid reason (Since banning for saying the n-word doesn't apply to me, is the only reason being banned, making a 1-star review which is inappropriate and nonsensical.)
The only option for me to get unbanned, according to the owner, is to remove this review here, which I won't.

This recent actions just confirm the ones I mentioned below: Banning people for nonsense-reasons, accusing people of stuff they didn't do (That one is new) and then tell people they unban you if you remove your review, which just represents your opinion and view of the guild.
Not everyone can and should have 5 stars since that would be unrealistic.
Oh and also using (or maybe even abusing?) the reviews to answer someone and also just making your score slightly better is really not a good thing.

Original review:
Got on the guild, only to see how a mod bans someone for using one command in the wrong channel.
I can understand that you have dedicated channels for commands and that you want to keep chat-channels clean, but directly banning (and not even muting the user first for example. And yes, I checked and the user wasn't even muted, other than mentioned in the review next to me ( for using a command in the wrong channel from time to time is just not how you should manage a guild.

The people that rated the guild 1 star are mostly right (Especially the oldest 1-star review) that mods are abusive and ban people for personalized things and not for general stuff that f.e. harms the general guild/community.

Punishments and especially bans should be a method of keeping a community nice and prevent harm in the first place.
But such punishments are just against that and even harm it more than it heals.

Never again will I join this guild!
YaBoyPops YaBoyPops
Kawaii Desu Ne
It has been almost 2 months since I joined the server and it has become the server I talk and am the most. Server is full of nice and active people, great staff members, cute nekos, very kawaii desu ne, would suggest to join 11/10 <3
Pancake Pancake
When I first joined I was in a dark place. The server really turned me around and I met tons of great people that Iโ€™m happy to call friends!