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Discord Nation

20000+ members. Active VCs. Global emojis. Unique bot. Lenient rules. Friendly staff (say hi to them, they like new members). Active chats. Level rewards. Beautiful artwork. Decent male-to-female ratio. Very fun. Among the top communities Discord has to offer.
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40 reviews
micahman micahman
A great server
There are dank memers and good community people. Also the roles and achievements are nice. They have a bot and a website, truly dope
bones bones
Fun Community.
Initially I joined this server just for the GW's (I mean I use them a lot so uh yeah) but then it turns out that this server's great for talking and communicating too.
Stevenkeepspokingbob Stevenkeepspokingbob
Rating Of DN
This server is great. No matter how many times I try to act like a fucking dunce, the members are always there to say, "What in Gods name," and then act like it never happened.
The staff is great. Really helpful, friendly, and easy to talk to about whatever. Please feel free to rant to the staff members about whatever you want via Direct Messages, they would be happy to help.
り乇ノ り乇ノ
Best server ever
Perfect server for meeting new people and making friends.
Staff are active and helpful.
Custom server images in the levels server.
Many chat rooms.
Overall cool people.

Overall 5 out of 5 server, i love it.

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