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The only transparent Muslim community built for and by productive people. Join us to learn and make a positive change in the world.
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Mahir Mahir
Great server
A great server for Muslims and non-Muslims who are looking to learn more about Islam(ic) theology, Islamic philosophy, history and a variety of perspectives held by Muslims from all over the world on a wide range of topics.
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Felinewolvess Felinewolvess
A good decent community server. I've been on this server for a few weeks now and have to say that it's the best Muslim server I've been on so far. I've met great people within these past few weeks and have learnt many things almost every day which is obviously very helpful for myself.

This server has great mods/admins which are very helpful when you need them xd.
This server includes studying videos which are beneficial.
There's also gaming chats, language chats, counting to a certain number etc...

N I C E A N D W E L L M A D E S E R V E R. ❤

Would recommend this server for anyone who would like to join. 😄

Glad to be a member of this server. ❤
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TheJuggernaut TheJuggernaut
Home away from Home
This place has now become my home away from home. made lot of good friends. Has very engaging and helpful atmosphere. There are various lecture series which run throughout the week, something for everyone. Most Servers deny access to their servers based if you are not following or conforming to their form of Islam, this server allows everyone and encourages constructive discussions. Mods/Admins on overbearing or petty. If I ever get to meet anyone from social media in real-life, I would prefer this community.

PS: people who are commenting about sexual innuendos are alluding to simple phrases like "that's what she said". If they really had a problem they could've reported to mods/Admins instead of being keyboard warriors on Disboard review sections.
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Kokkuri-san Kokkuri-san
Been here for a long while as well
The server has changed significantly since its change in ownership. It can still have a few decent topics for discussion with some old members there, but overall its main chatting channels are unpleasant in a way. It's hard to join in due to the odd small talk and sexual innuendos that are slid into the conversation sometimes, making it uncomfortable.

Some people there have double standards, or it's just that prior team-communication is lacking. If you're a new Muslim, I doubt this is the best place for you, for those that are knowledgeable and wise Muslims , you're free to give this place a go, but not on my recommendation at all.
kong kong
Admin response
Two things to address here,
Firstly, kindly note that any sexual messages in the server are deleted instantly by our mods or admins once they notice and the person who sent the message is either warned or banned depending on how severe the message is.

Secondly, as an admin of the server I don't remember you contacting any admin or mod regarding any sexual messages with proof or without, and we don't recall you being active at all, you were always just checking the server info periodically using the command "?serverinfo" which is suspicious. Another thing to include that you are a mod on a server which has a questionable history and mostly negative impression by most Muslims on Discord, so the point of the review is to ruin our image without any proof in front of the new members.

Lastly, what is also suspicious is under 1 minute of posting your review, it instanly got 3 upvotes, that is enough to say.

Allah doesn't like liars.