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The Rift
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The Rift

You're a roman legionary. You're an 18th century trapper. You're a soldier in Vietnam. You're a punk with a cybernetic arm in the 23rd century. You're an android no longer bound by the laws of robotics.

Not anymore. Now, you're a denizen of the Rift.

The life you knew on Earth is far behind you.
On this new planet, you can reinvent yourself. Or maybe you'll use your particular skills to get ahead. How you choose to live is up to you.

You're not the only one.
Others have been showing up in the Rift for thousands of years, and new cultures and cities and countries are already waiting for you. Do you align yourself with one of them? Or are you more comfortable on your own?

The Rift is a Sci Fi/Historical Fiction RP.
Your character can be from any time period in human history, including the future. The Earth's future is already decided through the lore to keep consistency, but we've made sure to include many different important events for a variety of character backgrounds.

We don't require a literacy test to join.
You only have to submit a character to get started, and we've got a bunch of friendly people to help you with creating or adapting a character if you need it!

You won't get locked down in one RP.
You can have as many partners as you want, and we have a unique timeline that allows you to roleplay across the span of several years, and we're always adding more!
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Ubo™ Ubo™
Probably as good as Discord roleplays get.
I've been looking for a non-erotic roleplay server for as long as I can remember, and the Rift comes very close to ticking all the boxes. The community is great: there's no Mary Sue-obsessed twelve year olds here, and the people are more than willing to help you if you're in a creative rut.

The setting is pretty decent and allows for a lot of originality, but uses a bit more handwavium than I would have liked (I know it's nitpicking, but I like it when backstories make sense; this one really doesn't). Some of the rules that are imposed on character creation also feel a bit arbitrary, but hey, you can't have everything, right?

114 days ago
Aesthetic_Taco Aesthetic_Taco
Good Server
Formed a space pirate crew and got the captain kidnapped by cultists 10/10 would recommend.
242 days ago
justin justin
very good community
lol hektan

nah but in all seriousness, this server has some of the nicest and most open minded people who are more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have

they are very approachable and are knowledgeable about every single aspect of the lore, so i recommend checking it out if you're looking for both an awesome community and a unique rp setting that most other servers can't quite nail down
244 days ago
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The Underboss The Underboss
I'm Lovin' It
The Rift has a VERY good community. They don't give any hatred to those who need to leave, or are constantly inactive. However, there is constructive criticism, which I personally feel is GREAT to have. Not to mention, the other role-players will at the very least attempt to help you get started, possibly even giving you some good advice on character creation, any roles that they would/would not suggest, and other helpful tips.

P.S. 4Cs is the best. Join it if you join this server ;)
666 days ago