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We're a Sandbox, Spacebuild and DarkRP Garry's Mod Community, we have loads of great players and thrive to give them the best experience but all while keeping it at a non-serious level.
Dr. Emilia Crossford Bumped 128 days ago

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McHaggis McHaggis
Great Gmod Gaming community and just a good place to hang out in general.
Friend invited me to the server, and seeing as I had over 50 servers related to gaming that I was already a member of, I just thought "Just another server". How wrong I was. The people there are extremely friendly, welcoming and are eager to help fellow gamers like myself and others. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that I became the Head of Server for one of their Gmod servers, and super admin on all of the others in the community. Definitely one of the best Discord servers I have ever been on.
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Conspiracy Servers review
First, lets start off with the host of the server(Viral321111, or Emil).
They are generally chill, helpful and constructive to all members of the server, and self hosts all three of the Garry's Mod servers. He also develops his own bots ect to improve life on the server.
Second, the actual content
The server has enough content to be interesting by itself, but then the community itself is thricefold the interest it warrants. We have a very diverse, and mostly respectful community that helps eachother when asked.
The community hosts 3 servers, Conspiracy Sandbox, Conspiracy Spacebuild, Conspiracy DarkRP.
I Mostly play on the spacebuild, but it has great administration, low ping and a normal playercount on average, its just a chill asf place tbf.

Overall, check this boi out, 10/10 would not smash again
[CS]S p o o k y A n d i [CS]S p o o k y A n d i
It's a good server
I found this server while playing gmod and the staff is friendly to new people,and they are active most of the time. There is also a really cool relay which you can use to speak to other players on sandbox, spacebuild and dark rp. The staff also like memes
Amazing server, proffesional looking cool people on there ^^