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Army Of People
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Army Of People

A fun mature community that loves to socialize, watch movies, game and more! Weekly events!
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Super-b Server With Amazing Community And Staff
Army Of People is a terrific server that is extremely underrated in my opinion. The owner, Nanonium#8380 is very active and responses quickly to any ques-tions or messages that a member(s) have sent in a short amount of time. The community is also esteemed, welcoming, and charitable to members who join. One of my favorite channels so far in Army Of People is #evolving-stories. Pl-us, #dark-humor is another excellent one. To conclude, hopefully in the future this server becomes more popular.
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Warm & Welcoming
If you're in search of a warm, laid-back space to chat with folks, Army of People is a great online place to visit. Members are dedicated, chat is regular and always friendly; staff and members alike do their utmost to make everyone part of the conversation. Similarly, Discord newbies will have no trouble learning the ropes on this server, as everyone is willing to offer help.

Trouble is often dealt with swiftly and with very little fuss. Rules are minimal and fair with an expectation upon members to take their own initiative when engaging. It's nice not to be coddled, but it is nice to know that we're all granted a degree of self-responsibility and the expectation of respect for others.

Despite still being quite a small community, Army of People already has a multitude of bots and roles that are accessible immediately and some of which become available as you progress along the ranks. A little sense of achievement in an online community goes a long way to ensuring that members return, which most certainly appear to.

Some of these aforementioned bots include gambling, gaming, currency and music bots, and all bot activity has its own dedicated space for commands away from general chatrooms.

The majority of serious discussion is also kept to its own private space after reaching the introductory role of Neophyte. NSFW content is discouraged throughout Army of People, besides mild amounts in its Dark Humour room.

Equally, there are a multitude of otherchatrooms for members to visit, a few of which require roles assigned by members themselves; these are known as Special Interest rooms. General rooms include gaming, trashposting and memeing, music, hobbies, positivity, a links/videos/images gallery, voice chat and the new addition of Evolving Stories, which will serve as an ongoing community game for all members upon joining.

All in all, Army of People is a wonderfully cosy and friendly online community despite humble beginnings. It may not be what everyone here is searching for, but staff and members will always do their best to make certain that new members are greeted with fondness from the very moment they join.

From myself and the other members of our Discord community, Army of People hopes to see you soon!