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Hello everyone! We're an always evolving hangout/chill gaming server that also likes to do certain things on the side. For example: Minecraft, Warframe, Terraria and game nights (sometimes Live streams).

We do have a vanilla server for Minecraft, a clan for Warframe on PC, and a newly formed Terraria server (Master difficulty/Large). We're also very Anime, and Persona orientated.
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KandrosN7 KandrosN7
One of if not the worst reboots I’ve ever seen.
With terrible mods and even worse members Ardent is the biggest flop of 2019. And Kupo couldn’t lead ants to a picnic. #BringBackLadyGhost
268 days ago
1 2
ꓘKing ꓘKing
its dead qwerfqsdfqwergwedcfqwerfwetgfqsdgfqewrtgsdfwertfqsdzfqsetqfqwe5rgsdxfqwerfwedfqewryherhgbertthq3erhsfewrtq vwe4rtfqsdfgerqrhqgb345tg3r f34 4fvqwe45t4gqergfq35yghbefgt345
282 days ago
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Bitrate Billy Bitrate Billy
no bannba made me rage
283 days ago
2 2
Papyrus Papyrus
Toxic as FUCK
I hate this place so toxic, adide DIE DIE DIE - from bitrate billy and trivialise
283 days ago