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Anti-Social Society
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Anti-Social Society

A-SS is the most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships.
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Xernhacks Xernhacks
Great server, but a little busy.
Been in this server for a few days and it's great. There's channels for a lot of things, gaming, roleplay, art, confessions/vents, programming and more. Their bot, D.VA, has interesting options and you can earn Dorito currency through talking. This currency can be donated, or used to send anonymous messages in confession and vent channels, or to buy digital items. There's also a chat for conversation where you can take it to DMs to talk, which makes it a good place to look for conversation and friends.

The one downside is that it's always busy in the general chat (most active) so it's hard to join a conversation and be noticed. You can try to start a conversation when the chat dies for 2-4 minutes, but chances are it won't get you far.

Overall, it's a very well designed server and i'm considering staying here a while.
Dom Dom
As good as it gets
Joined the server in January 2017, stayed ever since. (even moderated for quite some time.) Overall, the community is friendly and the staff is superb (Shoutout to you, Kev, for everything you are doing for the server), and even after such a long amount of time i peek into the server daily. I dont regret a single minute spent on this server.
burberry burberry
Fantastic place for entertainment + making connections.
I've been here for nearly a year now and I don't regret it, I enjoy speaking with the people, communicating with their staff team, participating in the inclusive events + just spending my pass-time in their community. Even if you're there for only a while or there for a long time, the place and the people grow on you.
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Aqqle Aqqle
How greatful I am.
I hope you all acknowledge the thanks I'm giving you. I really love the community and how I adjusted to this masterpiece. There are a bunch of people who are like me and I could go around living like they're my actual friends, despite reality. I just wanted to be honest, and I hope you have fun.

- @Aqqle

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