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Waifu Worshipping 18+

18+ | 25000+ Members | A NSFW, Hentai focused community with custom bots, server currency, purchasable colors, a large collection of NSFW channels, giveaways, seasonal events, movie nights and more~
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DepressedEriya DepressedEriya
it is awesome!
I've met really amazing people i never thought I'll find. I'm glad i joined the server and I don't regret it. join, and you might find your path!!
459 days ago
Trialinyx™ Trialinyx™
Cool, sometimes
69/420, would be more awesomer if I was on more probably. For real, actual nice people, regular events, and everyone has fun. A nice place to be, talk, and just hang out. Glad I joined the server, and haven't had any bad experiences with it.
463 days ago