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18+ Active Asian Social Community Server. A place for all Asians and non-asians. We strive to have a family-oriented based community while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment. Well regulated with organized events and hosted bots. Members can pick their own roles to describe themselves. We have channels for mostly anything. Channels and roles are straight-forward. We try to have a fair and just moderation team. Join us and have a look!

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hihello hihello
scary mod
Sorry if my english bad, I am from S.K! A friend told me about server month ago so I finally join and, I see one of mod flirt and demand picture from a guy, because he say he was Korean! I Come on next morning and I see mod bash Korean men, and ‘generalize’ Korean sex drives... I Won’t feel very comfortable,and welcomed here if this is okay!. This server advertise asian community with Korean name but as Korean, I Am disappoint. I Hope the server change this the future! I Will continue my stay hope for Change!^^
Raisoo Raisoo
I’ve only been in this server for half a year but i can safely say it is one of, if not the best choice ive ever made in my life. This server helped me get a job, improve my mental health, and drastically increase my sexual stamina. This server has a mod team second to none. The owner and staff are kind, respectful, and very easy going. The community is not even joking... unreal. everyone here is inviting, funny, and just great to be around at all times. I will never leave this server. ever. EVER. The best decision of my life!
4 3
HelloHumans HelloHumans
I lost my virginity
Today, I was excited to go to school because I was given a condom to get some coochie at school. As I waited for my bus outside of my neighborhood, I got a notification from SOIBOI about a karaoke event. I decided to check it out for a quick second, but then I got distracted trying to open Discord and was pushed over to find out someone took my virginity with a quickie. The only thing to cure my sadness was to listen to some nice singing, but this server didn't even host a karaoke event in reality! AND THEY NEVER WILL! "NORAEBANG" IS NOT WHAT IT SAYS! NO SAFE SEX, NO SINGING! IT'S ALL SOIBOI'S FAULT! JEBAITED! Well, time to go home and get yelled at by my mom. I swear this server is pro-r*pe.
11 1
geegee geegee
Low Emotional Intelligence Owner
The owner replied to the former review telling anyone banned to dm him if they have any problems BUT—he actually ignores their dm's while they’re a member and blocks them once they’re banned, so there is absolutely no way to reach him. The mod team here changes every 2-3 months because the owner has no sense of awareness or respect for the other mods' personal lives or actions. He restricts them from having any relationships or engaging in a flirtatious way even though he ‘jokingly’ does it with new members, and even goes as far as telling regular members to not flirt with each other. This man makes sexual remarks or *cough* ‘jokes’ towards members but mostly women, some of which are minors. These minors have reported being uncomfortable with a grown man’s ‘jokes’ but when confronted, he disregarded it and accused the person raising said concern of being angry. He’s clearly busy getting triggered by the actions of others instead of reflecting. Because of this confrontation, the server became strictly 18+ (although it was always advertised as this, it was not enforced.. for some odd reason 🤔) He gets passive aggressive with his mod team if any of them becomes slightly inactive—even though he only types about 20 messages a day.

TLDR; if you become a mod and you’re not obnoxiously obsessed with him; you’ll most likely get banned soon enough for any criticism directly or in another server, against him.

Matt if you are reading this right now, you should think about how often your mod team has recycled even before the recent events. You can continue accusing individuals but I will not change my review until you reflect.

edit: Cry me a river; your response had nothing to do with my review lmao. Read again, loser. The fact you’re blaming another mod to justify your decision as an owner is really sad. This is more than about Victor’s ban; this is about the previous mods that were banned: Jason, Vick, Nana, Stephy, Shen, and the long list continues. You are now threatening to ban Jsing who was also a former mod; in DMs for the actions of OTHERS. A whole server, Bingsu Box, was made months ago BECAUSE they didn’t agree with the way YOU blindly ran things; so clearly, there is something wrong with YOU. There are more messages containing ‘Matt’ than ‘NRB/ Noraebang’ in that server. Like I said: Reflect on yourself and stop blaming others lmao.
Vox Vox
Admin response
You're trying to support someone who's been banned from 2 other discord servers that I know of. I have talked to him verbally when he got banned the first time and told one of my mods to warn him before he got banned the second time. This mod actually was his ex-girlfriend, so it was my mistake for trusting her to make the right judgement, but she chose him in the end. He then goes and tells everyone, based on his dms, that I never once talked to him about it.

There's a reason why he's banned on other servers. He's toxic for the community. You both, Richie and Xia, act very immaturely at your bans and Victor's bans. Instead, you raid our game spamming the "hard R" and try to leave negative reviews here. I'm trying to be mature about this, but clearly you guys aren't.