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An informative and accommodating otherkin server that seeks to help others discover, understand and come to terms with their possible non-human identity in an environment that houses many experienced members.

What else we offer:
- Welcoming members for every new person who joins, you won't be ignored.
- Understanding and accepting of negative emotions, with both venting and help chats to seek guidance and support.
- No blacklist, we function on understanding and accommodating each other personally through communication rather than server enforcement.
- However we do have an optional channel for more sensitive talk available to opt-into so we can keep the majority of the chat safe for our members.
- An open yet close knit community where we all learn about each other, old and new and make long lasting friends.
- Group film watching events, pictogram games, voice chat, singing and Pokemon battles hosted here.

We're Nitro Boosted to level 2! Come and enjoy our special features here at OtherAdvice~
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Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
ReddRoomba ReddRoomba
Informative and great community
This is honestly one of my favorite servers on discord because of how constructive and sweet everyone is. Many people here are well informed about the questioning process and happy to help in any possible way. The people here are well behaved and sweet, and if anything like a fight comes up, it's taken care of immediately. 10/10, perfect server for your otherkin needs.
Pony Pony
Helpful, welcoming, moderated community
This has been my favourite, most helpful server. It's niche, and still the community feels vast. There's always intense chats, and pleasant chatter. When things get too intense, moderation has handled it quite well.
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EmieChii EmieChii
Nice and educational
I’m not otherkin in the slightest but this place offers a lot for someone to learn about, more so if you ask, the mods are good and understanding, admin hears out suggestions and a small favorite of mine is the ‘patch notes’ they make when the server gets any updates! I try to keep up with the activity and though I may struggle at times, I genuinely enjoy my time in OtherAdvice!