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95 Degrees

Here at 95 Degrees, our main focus is to have a friendly yet fun community of users from around the world.

We're a fun, casual, established and interactive community. We have a monthly podcast, a completely custom coded radio bot, a very active moderation team and so much more. We play games, watch movies and joke around together and run competitions from time to time. So hit that Join Server button today and say hi!
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
Fran Fran
Lovely server
I've been here since October of 2016, has a lot of awesome and friendly members as well as a great staff team. We usually have a lot of fun gathering around for events like or Tower Unite, so don't hesitate to join this server!
Scy Scy
It's pretty great overall
The staff members all seem very passionate about running the server right - events are hosted all the time to keep things interesting, and the owner is always experimenting with new things, like recently the 95 Degrees Radio has been set up.

Everyone is laid-back and friendly, it gets a bit intense at times but it's mostly just banter and people joking around, usual Discord things I guess.

Overall, if you're looking for a good server that is run well, but not incredibly strict, 95 Degrees is for you
gabi.votenov6 gabi.votenov6
I am the oldest active member here and I love it! I am now staff, which is a blessing. There is so many great people.
TagmanBeesley TagmanBeesley
Awesome Community
As a member of staff here at 95 Degrees, I'd say that we've built an awesome community and I've made some amazing friends!

Best of all, the podcast bangs and our custom radio bot is like nothing else on Discord! So check it out, good times ahead.