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⭕RedLine Café™☕
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⭕RedLine Café™☕

-Virtual Café with Art, Social Events, and Promotion at its Core!
-Offers Art discussion, feedback, and lessons
-Co-own and founded by both, DreadisDead and JuST_MoNK
-Support artists and give feedback and promote!
-Host Events!
-Promote creators content with both Self-promotion and Features!
-Art Contests!
Community votes for the best 3 art pieces with a #theme**
-Art Challenges
Community challenges for both independent and group projects
-VIP Raffles
Active members can receive the chance to enter and win a Video games or Art Supplies (Including Software[IS]) as a reward each raffle!
-Art Raffles
Artists who enter in the contest receive the chance to win a custom role, discord #tab of their liking, or Art Supplies (IS)!
-Festive Raffles
A random raffle that all members are entered in get the chance to win a special prize stated!
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Ratings & Reviews

22 reviews
Xuanteratops Xuanteratops
I find that the redline server iz a active and friendly server for everyone, so this is a postive review, but honestly its a cool and nice server with multible branches.

One of the Best
Duck Gun
Big Chief Cheetah Big Chief Cheetah
It's a'ight.
Yo yo yo, this place is gnarly. It's got some real bodacious art galleries with lots of bangin' activity from the dudes and dudettes. If ya gotta show off or appreciate this sorta thing, motor on down to this sweet café. The peeps are radical, righteous and the art is totally tubular.
4/5 stars because the walls ain't purple, they're red.
Also it doesn't have the appropriate acommodation for fast land mammals, which is totally not cool.

Edit: Purple walls are now a thing. It has a purple room. Now 5/5 stars.
Ms. Waterbottle Ms. Waterbottle
Quiet Delicious
Dear whom is concern,

The RedLine Café is an marvelous and prodigious work of art. The meaning of red line is to act with the pursuit of critiquing and giving constructed feedback to help assist one's talent. The location of which is that of an café is amazing as well, for it is the theme of a café! Yet, the café theme does not throw you off, it instead persuades you to read every little detail this discord has to offer.

Do not be afraid of the fear of socializing, not a single soul has been removed or purged for inactivity. I for one, have been one of the most inactive users. I, Ms. Waterbottle, am very familiar with the fear of Not Safe For Work. Luckily, the RedLine Café has no NSFW servers, and has instead partnered with its sister discord server, the Waterbottle, Inc. for not safe for work content!

Please do come join us in our virtual home to the fascinating discord called, the RedLine Café. You will not regret it.

Your lady,
Ms. Waterbottle

P.S. Please read the rules, only then will you receive permission to enter. It is quiet the easy read too.
Mute D. Art Mute D. Art
Art and Socialization. Neat.
It has art. I like art. It shows art. I can promote art.

You must read the rules first, but after that you get full access to the server.
Everything is categorized neatly and the symbols help you know where you are. The text bubble lets you know you can type in that channel. Without it, you can not type.

The owner Welcomed me. Nice guy. Would probably draw sometime with them.

Join to draw, or socialize. I'm shy, so I don't talk. But it is fun to read people's conversations.

-Mute D. Art

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