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ComicallyBad's Chill Sesh
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ComicallyBad's Chill Sesh

ComicallyBad's Chill Sesh is a modular server to your interests. You can make our server whatever you would like it to be! We have a big rocket league community, we are trying to grow our other communities like photoshop, memes, coding, etc.
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ComicallyBadTesting ComicallyBadTesting
We try and keep this server extremely chill and fit to your likings. As we grow we will add even more features to accommodate for the growing interests we find. We hope to just keep it a laid back chill environment that everyone can find something to enjoy! We have a suggestion ticket and issue tickets where any issues or suggestions can be submitted. This server is in the works on buying MEE6 premium for ranking features and we are hoping to add many more features.
Werabo Werabo
Heckin awesome server
This server is pretty cool. It's run by a programmer who has made his own bot. A lot of Rocket League stuff, but if you don't like Rocket League, you don't have to see it. It's the beauty if this server. There are roles and reactions for different ranks, so if you want to see fortnite and rocket league stuff, that's all you will see. If you want to see memes and programming stuff, it's all you will see. You can basically customize the server to your liking. Fantastic server, would recommend joining.