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One of the biggest ERP (Erotic Roleplay) communities on Discord. Come and play with us!
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gnome gnome
Great staff, great community, great channels!
The staff for one are active and unbiased, and they care for the community's well-being. The community itself is welcoming, humorous, and can be mature when need be. There are designated role-play channels which see active and articulated users and many NSFW channels. Great place for anyone looking to chill.
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Augustation Augustation
Server Owner is main problem.
As a decently long lasting member, who has been here for 8+ months and been staff here I don’t recommend it. The owner told the members that the unbanning if people is discussed yet staff didn’t know about some unbannings as they weren’t told. The owner will also ignore his own rules and discord ToS just so he doesn’t have to ban a active member. There was obvious loli porn posted which is against ToS but the owner refused to ban the member and said it didn’t look like loli while character was flat, small, very young, fully nude. So I don’t recommend this place at all.
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Ashe Ashe
Read before joining the server~
It would be nice if I could access the server without verifying my account since I have no way to verify it 🤷‍♀️. Ashe out~ oh! and the review with 5 stars below me was made by the owner (Tiritto)
3 16
Tiritto Tiritto
The best ERP server on discord
Server is full of cool interesting people and has their own dedicated bit that does a lot of cool stuff to make this server special. 10/10 in terms of ERPing.