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Exiled Souls

Hotel Lewd is the biggest 18+ ERP community on discord open and welcoming for all newcomers. You can find new friends in our Social sections, unleash your inner lust in our Lewd sections, immerse in roleplaying in our Roleplay sections, chat with amazing people in Voice Chats or find partnerts for in-game roleplaying.

One of our key features are:
- Unique activity ranking based on your recent activity.
- Public Masturbation voice channel for you to listen or participate.
- Very active roleplaying channels for both RP and ERP purposes.
- Looking for Partners / Roleplay / Friends channels with high exposure.
- Over 5 custom-made bots dedicated for our server alone.
- Reliable and solid ASL verification and Selfie verification roles.
- Frequent events and giveaways, including movie nights and karaoke.
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Ruurei Ruurei
Not what it seems.
This server was pretty good for about a week, but the server mods/owner are inactive so people can spam crap all the time and not get any bans or anything. People join voice calls to scream in your ears and get 0 penalties for it. People flame each other. There's tons of drama. Server used to be called Hotel Lewd, now it's Exiled Souls and they continuously change it on a whim without any warning.
6 4
🍰 ⋆ 🍭  🎀  𝒦𝒶𝒾  🎀  🍭 ⋆ 🍰 🍰 ⋆ 🍭 🎀 𝒦𝒶𝒾 🎀 🍭 ⋆ 🍰
Purposely misgenders.
This server purposely misgenders people. I am a female and they repeatedly call me "sir" and "male" as i "don't deserve their respect" ( mainly @Celly#7856 a "roleplay mentor" )
Nat Nat
Haters gonna hate
Reading some other reviews Im just shocked. I have never experienced none of those issues on the server and so far it's very cool place to hang out. People are nice, mods are nice, some trolls are not nice but they're usually handled pretty quickly anyways. Give it a try I guess.
Maya Maya
Nothing positive really.
This server... this server has some problems. It's alright for hentai, but that's about it. It's barely moderated. Tiri, the owner, is a blatant racist. Here's a few actual quotes from him:
"Burnt toasts are made from niggers, so it's great"
"dream about black niggers fucking you from each side"
"Im a good guy leave me alone, I might have been more rude and say white niggers"
"dont post videos with niggers wtf"
"Accept my hugs or die you fucking nigger prince"

On top of this, he is a sexist. Why do I say this? Well, a while back, he had channels labelled "No Boys/No Girls" or something similar. However, only Cis-Females and Cis-Males were allowed access. If you were trans, and took Female role to access the female channel, you could be banned if they found out you were not cis. After this issue was raised, he made it so you can only view these channels if you are verified. This meant a lot of females who used to use this channel were blocked, from it.
In the ensuing debate on if MtF people should be allowed access to the Female channel, he stated that it was hard to work out if females would actually be okay with it, which was responded to by 3 cis females saying they were okay with it. He ignored this.
Their roles state that if you are MtF, and take the female role, you will be banned for being an impostor.
This is all bad, but it gets worse. This server, at least used to, operate on 75% votes. For the three at the top and Tiri himself. Well, all 3 other people agreed trans people should be allowed access, and as an MtF myself, I was recommended by one of these people to just take the female role. Tiri blocked them, and prevented them.

He also doesn't ban underage users from his 18+ NSFW server when you report them to him in dms, until you report them publicly. One user was even told to "fuck off with this shit" when he reported a known 16 year old (this user shared another server with them, and on that server they publicly stated they were 16). This 16 year old went unbanned until reported publicly.

This first half has been a lot of "Fuck Tiri" and well, there's a reason. He's the owner. If the owner refuses to listen to his staff, and has an air of transphobia and racism, then those activities will be accepted there. And they are.

In a less Tiri-centric part, this server also uses an advertiser bot. Well, I hope you enjoy being spammed by one server constantly promoting back to back for weeks. Last time I counted there was 14 within 2 days. These are @everyone and @here pinged too, complete with furry hentai images.

To bring it back to a fuck tiri, one of the mods banned the user abusing this bot and spamming. Tiri has since demoted this staff member, and he hired a swath of people. A majority of these people were ones who actively backed him up while he was advocating not considering Trans Girls as girls. In fact, I even asked him explicitly if that as what he was saying. He said it was.

This server and it's owner actually violate the Discord ToS, and despite 3 reports to TaS, they have done nothing. This report has to be done on an alt as he has banned my main account, and I suspect this one will follow it.

To any Non-Cis individuals considering joining this server, don't. You aren't safe there. They are blatant transphobes and flaunt it. I am even under the belief Tiri has attempted to doxx users in the past, although I have no proof to this, merely a couple vague statements followed by suspicious silence.

There is scientific evidence showing trans people are more like the gender they transition to than the one they were born as, and I was banned from the server for posting a link to a study showing it, specifically here

I guess this concludes my review. This server and it's owner are Racist, Sexist, Transphobic, and okay with underage users unless they are publicly outed. This puts both the server and Owner under violation of Discord Terms of Service, and discord themselves are allowing this to occur.

(Some info may be outdated here, it is a little old, however I only recently became aware of the ability to review so I am doing so now)

Edit: Adding in because I was reminded reading another review. The server that spams the bot, yeah one point they posted bestiality using it. The person who did it is allowed to remain in the server and still spams the bot. So yeah, that's cool.